Writing a headteacher reference books

Our school data program requires you to collect evidence for 21 reading objectives. The weighting for each one is equally spread. However, the SATs paper is weighted differently.

Writing a headteacher reference books

Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide Siegen81to82 said: According to both the LRD's Law at Work and Selwyn's Law of Employment, an EAT upheld a complaint for constructive dismissal TSB Bank plc v Harris because the employer had stated in the reference that there were a number of complaints against the employee that were outstanding but had not drawn the complaints to the employee's attention, which meant that she had not had the chance to comment on them or give an explanation.

It is also commented on at http: Firstly this case doesn't deal with what you originally asserted to the OP, that "an issue which has not been taken up with the employee concerned" could not be included in a reference - which could be just about anything, including matters of opinion and professional judgement.

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It deals with the specific regulatory requirements of the financial services industry regarding customer complaints against a authorised employee, which in a regulated industry have to handled in a prescribed way.

Secondly this case did not decide there was a general legal principle that "a referee should not mention an issue which has not been taken up with the employee concerned" as you claimed. It was decided on its specific facts and whether the reference was fair or unfair to Ms Harris in the particular circumstances.

The unfairness, serious enough on the particular facts to amount to a fundamental breach of duty, arose from matters of fact not from an expression of opinion on Ms Harris's competence or suitability to do the job.

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This is stated on the link you posted - "The TSB provided a reference limited to the factual history of her employment". That isn't normally how teaching references are provided. It isn't helpful to the OP to make them think that if their HT mentions something in a reference that had not previously been mentioned to the employee then the reference is somehow unlawful.

writing a headteacher reference books

And nothing in either of the links you posted states otherwise. A headteacher is entitled to give their professional opinion in a reference without having disclosed it to the teacher first.Read Write Inc.

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Unit 3 Year 3 Unit 1 –Story with familiar setting, information text. writing. Reading books that are structured in A variety of texts with different structures are covered. 4. reference meaning: 1. a mention of something: 2. a writer or a book, article, etc. that is mentioned in a piece of writing, showing you where particular information was found 3.

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