We find love in a hopeless place lyrics youtube

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We find love in a hopeless place lyrics youtube

I tend to agree with the metaphorical interpretation about the love wasting away but it could be literal as in a pet name or stature. Could be a reference to addiction as well. I do sense though he gave her fair warning as to how difficult it might be to sustain their love for the myriad of reasons a relationship might fall apart.

Especially one with a talented busy musician. Distance, groupies, or even his own complicated personality. I sense he tried to reasssure her that he cared and loved her She may have fallen off the train and was heartbroken as well and he is truly disapointed and heartbroken as well but doing a good job of masking it She couldn't be reassured and lost faith in what they had and moved on.

I think he accepted all the flaws she had but knew that he had a "tall order" ahead of him by accepting her love. She may have been complicated on some level or he could be referring back to himself I sense that she was fragile and he thought of her as his baby bird She may have powered up and now he is standing in an endless line to get back to her I think its a reference to the bittersweet nature of what they had or could have had if she had been patient.

They never even got to the place he ideally wanted them to be. I love music so much do to it's subjectivity. I do tend to apply my own situations and thoughts to the poetry. I think this is why I love Bon Iver. There is a quality in his voice and in the musical arrangement that makes me want to weep and rejoice at the same time.

I want to dance around a bon fire drunk on wine, crying and laughing and getting all that saddness out It's tribal and ethereal and most majestic!!! It's only after you read posts from shortandsweetem and further analysis from vamul1 that it seems so simple.

I agree tho with vamul1 and maheeganyaknow: I had originally interpreted the "pour a little salt" line as burning or pain, almost as if the characters would never intentionally worsen the state of the relationship or stir the waters between them.

But as for the salt lyric, i see it as when people pour salt on the ground so that nothing grows there anymore or remember anything.

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Which is followed by "we were never here" So perhaps he's basically trying to forget some part of this relationship. Can we just move on. I think it may be when relationships get so caught up about who is right and who is wrong who holds the balance ect.

This would tie in with the first chorus of "I told you to be patient And her "Holding all the fines" could refer to guilt and uncertainty after the event. The next line " This would explain the second chorus telling her "Now all your love is wasted" and asking "Who the hell was I?

Like I said, just my own interpretation and probably way off the mark.

We find love in a hopeless place lyrics youtube

With regard to the salt thing, I read it as when you pour salt on ice, it melts it. The bad patch where they were cold to one another was probably the ice, and "pour a little salt, we were never here" is him wanting to melt it and make it disappear.

Flag shinpads on May 18, 0 Wonderfully interpreted, absolutely wonderfully. Bon Iver was only recently revealed to me and this song, appearing to be one of his bigger hits, if not the biggest, is incredible. I've listened to it quite a few times and have yet to tire of each element therein.

Nevertheless, this song is not the point, but your thorough dissection. Well done, Sir or perhaps Madam, very well done. Unquestionably, I could never have done so well myself. I am thoroughly impressed! I agree "skinny love" refers to the relationship itself, that it's thin, tenuous, superficial, etc.

The last line is about a "wound" to the relationship that reveals just how superficial it was because only a "veneer," a thin external layer, had to be shattered to let flow the "blood", life, substance of the relationship.We found love in a hopeless place means that the boy and girl met because of something bad (accident, drugs, death.) and that they fell in love thanks to that bad thing.

I guess it could also mean that something good can come out of something bad or that if they break up then it was a useless relationship and they both knew it because it.

Skinny Love was the first single released from Bon Iver's debut album For Emma, Forever Ago.

“We Found Love in a Hopeless Place” – In Fair Verona – Medium

Justin Vernon wrote and recorded the album in his father's isolated log cabin in . Also when in a hopeless place we as humans can't bear being alone so out of emotional instinct we default to finding the love we don't have for ourselves in another person which does not work.

We find love in a hopeless place lyrics youtube

In order for a relationship to be succsessful and healthy both must love themselves more then they love each other. The song “We found Love” clearly relates to the book and this is shown by the lyrics.

“Safe and sound” connects in a deeper way unlike “We Found Love”, the connection is beyond the lyrics. Time Traveler’s Wife A man is born with a horrible condition where he travels through time involuntarily.

Things could be going well, and all of a sudden he’ll be gone. Latest information about Half Man Half Biscuit, brought to you by The Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics Project.

Rihanna - We Found Love In A Hopless Place Lyrics | MetroLyrics