Social enterprise business plan competition

Congratulations to the winning teams! Instudents from 13 universities participated in The Big Idea, submitting more than business plans for consideration.

Social enterprise business plan competition

We provide, principally through our agencies, a range of tailored supports for enterprise of all sizes in Ireland.

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We influence the European and International research agenda to allow research and enterprise in Ireland avail of opportunities arising through research programmes. We develop intellectual property policy, prepare legislation and provide an intellectual property regime which reflects the international law environment and best practice.

Supports for SMEs We provide a range of tailored supports for enterprise of all sizes in Ireland, including support for businesses to prepare for Brexit. Supports include access to finance, management development, mentoring supports, business development programmes, market supports and trade promotion.

We hold structured dialogue with key stakeholders and we advocate across Government to ensure the needs of SMEs are taken into account in the execution of national policy.

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These business and sectoral initiatives are across a wide range of areas covering internationally traded goods and services as well as the domestically traded sector. The key focus is to develop and implement policy to enhance the enterprise environment leading to the start-up and growth of competitive firms in Ireland and sustainable development for enterprises of all sizes.

We engage proactively at EU institutional level and with our EU partners so as to ensure that Departmental EU priority measures are advanced.

We support our Ministers in their pursuit of achieving domestic and EU Policy outcomes that are supportive, in particular, of the enterprise, competitiveness, single market and innovation agendas. In relation to Brexit, we ensure a coordinated and coherent approach to Brexit across all policy areas of the Department.


It seeks to ensure a balance between simplifying the day-to-day running of a business; maintaining necessary protections for those dealing with companies, such as creditors and investors; and putting in place an effective corporate governance regime to ensure compliance. This law is contained in the Companies Act and related statutory instruments.

Some company law derives from EU legislation.

social enterprise business plan competition

A similar regime applies to industrial and provident and friendly societies.The Great Social Enterprise Pitch is an idea incubator and business plan competition for concepts that use a business model and revenues to have a positive social or environmental impact in Central PA.

The Building BLOC has three competition segments: (1) Business Plan Paper Competition, (2) Social Enterprise Exhibit, and (3) Business Plan Presentation and Defense. Programs include a social enterprise business plan competition, a university network of faculty and students teaching and studying social enterprise, a website of resources, and an annual conference and awards ceremony.

The Social Impact Exchange conducated a business plan competition for several years as part of its Annual Conference. While this iniaitive is now conclded, the following is a description of the final competition.

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Aug 19,  · Now, while your plan should excite the reader, be careful not to oversell and particularly not to load your business plan with superlatives. For example, saying we have the best technology, a. Launched by Dubai+Acumen, "ASE ” is a business plan competition addressing regional social issues.

Dubai+Acumen is a volunteer-led group focused on promoting social entrepreneurship and creating a community of social change makers in .

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