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Science writing associations

A candidate shall be eligible for Active Membership if: Three or more paid sales of different works of fiction such as three separate short stories or half-hour scripts totaling a minimum of 10, words to SFWA qualifying markets.

We accept the following payment per word rates for these sales: Game publishers may be designated as qualified markets using the already established process and criteria used to qualify fiction markets.

Income can be in the form of advance, royalties, or some combination of the three. Short story writers need six or more different coauthored works of fiction totaling 20, words that otherwise meet the requirements above to qualify for an active membership.

Novels and short stories with more than two authors are not able to be used towards membership. Qualifying works must be in the English language in science fiction, fantasy, horror and related genres. A candidate shall be eligible for Associate Membership after acceptance and a signed contract or letters of agreement for: We accept the following payment per word rates: Income verification will be required to process the application.

Works must be in the English language in science fiction, fantasy, horror and related genres. Affiliate Members Affiliate Members receive access to private discussion forums, entry into SFWA suites at conventions, Member Directory, Bulletin subscription, and Singularity subscription via e-mail, and may recommend works for Nebula consideration, but not nominate or vote.

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A candidate shall be eligible for Affiliate Membership if he or she: Presents credentials acceptable to the Membership Committee and provides the names of three current SFWA members as references, or, alternatively, provides documentation that shows a long standing beneficial presence to science fiction and fantasy writers.

Has a legitimate interest in science fiction and fantasy such as high schools, colleges, universities, libraries, and similar institutions, as well as broadcasting organizations, film producers, futurology groups, and similar organizations or a professional involvement in science fiction or fantasy such as academics, editors, agents, artists, graphic novelists, reviewers, etc.

Does not charge an upfront fee of any kind. Agents may charge a commission on sales and nominal fees for office expenses, but only as a deduction from money earned.

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Receives approval by the Membership Committee, which for publishing professionals includes consultation with relevant committees such as Writer Beware and Grievance. A candidate shall be eligible for Estate Membership if he or she is the legal representative for the estate of a deceased author who was an Active member or who was qualified to be an Active member at any time during their writing career.

SFWA shall keep those Life Members in good standing with the rights of their respective classes Active, Associate, and Affiliate during their lifetime. Senior Members After thirty 30 years of continuous membership, at least twenty-five 25 of which have been as Active members, each member so requesting on an annual membership-renewal notice, will be granted free Associate membership for the rest of his or her life.

If the member wishes to return to Active status, he or she may do so at any time by recommencing to pay dues, provided he or she qualifies for active status under the then-current membership rule.

Benefits will be the same for each member, except that only one Bulletin subscription will be included. Voting rights retained for each member.

Associate-level members who live at the same address may choose a family membership. Associate members in this group will still have individual rights to nominate in the Nebula Awards. Limit five members in one group.

Associate and Active levels would not be able to combine at this time.

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Paid Sales Paid sales are works that have been accepted for publication by an eligible market and paid for, either in advance or on publication; or Are works of fiction in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, or horror, in the English language and be published in qualified professional venues as described below.

Contest prize money does not count toward determining the payment rate unless publication rights are required to receive the prize. That is, only payments tied to publication are considered.

The Membership Committee, at its discretion, may also accept sales that met prior criteria for SFWA membership at the time of sale.

Applicants must submit proof of net income at the time of application.The National Association of Science Writers offers a wide array of resources to the science writing community, many of which do not require NASW membership.

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In addition, NASW members can take advantage of tools (marked with an asterisk below) that can help them improve their standing in the science writing marketplace.

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science writing associations

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