Prior experience in a retail store or qsr full service dining restaurant

His business insights have propelled Panda to become the world leader in Asian dining experiences, while his passion for continuous learning inspires a culture where associates are dedicated to developing their full potential.

Prior experience in a retail store or qsr full service dining restaurant

Loyalty programs that complement interactions with restaurant staff and digital engagement are another lever that restaurants can pull to deliver more personalized connections and service that customers crave while increasing brand awareness and affinity.

Attributes such as responsiveness and friendliness of staff rank high fifth and eighth out of 23 attributes in terms of importance to the restaurant experience, and relatively high in terms of repeat patronage 11th and 10th.

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While these characteristics rank high, consumers still hesitate to share their experiences about them. However, there a number of untapped opportunities for restaurants to engage their patrons in a manner they prefer. Restaurants can also amplify their engagement through mobile channels.

Restaurants can harness these existing activities to make other offerings--such as loyalty programs or promotions--front and center. Armed with that knowledge, they can make more personalized gestures, such as a free favorite beverage or dessert as a birthday or anniversary present, that help garner goodwill and drive brand affinity.

Prior experience in a retail store or qsr full service dining restaurant

Food taste first out of 23 attributesfood safety secondorder accuracy thirdand price fourth ranked at the very top for respondents, in terms of importance to the restaurant experience. This suggests that even the most effective loyalty programs will not adequately compensate for an otherwise weak value proposition, even for those customers who regularly use such programs.

However, even when restaurants get the basics right, their customers have plenty of suitors, underscoring the need for improved, personal connections with customers.

The survey was commissioned by Deloitte and conducted online by an independent research organization between Nov. The survey polled 4, fast service QSR and fast casual and casual dining restaurant customers, based on restaurant visits 30 days prior to taking the survey.2 days ago · It’s been a challenging stretch for RAVE Restaurant Group’s fast casual, Pie Five.

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Also the parent of legacy full-service concept Pizza Inn, RAVE shuttered five Pie Five stores in the fourth quarter to bring the total to 73, the company announced during its fourth-quarter review.

For perspective, in February , Pie Five debuted its th location in Independence, Missouri. By today’s definition, a restaurant could encompass the typical quick service concepts and full service dine in concepts, while also including food kiosks, food trucks, the self-serve salad bar in a Whole Foods grocery store, and carry-out meals at Wawa gas stations.

Family Dollar - Lowell, MA +26 locations Prefer experience working in retail, hotel, restaurant, grocery, or drug store environments. Must be able to meet demands of frequent walking, standing. Jul 08,  · Please describe your prior experience in a retail store or QSR/full service dining restaurant?

QSR (Quick Service Restaurant)

How would you describe your behaviour when you have a day where everything is going wrong? Answer QuestionsStatus: Resolved. Print the Agenda. This role, Management Accountant from Hospitality (Contract), is an interesting opportunity working for a growing Restaurant chain.

The client are looking for someone with prior knowledge of the FMCG/ Hospitality industry in order to assist with their growth plan.

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