Online bookstore emarketing for book bunker

As early ase-books were surging in popularitythanks in large part to Kindle, surpassing hardcover books and paperbacks to become the dominant format for adult fiction.

Online bookstore emarketing for book bunker

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Online bookstore emarketing for book bunker

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Customers love the fact that they can not only use the Click here to read the full description! Add to Wish List Rating:This book grew out of that course and has significantly evolved along with changes in e-marketing.

Judy Strauss is Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Nevada, Reno. She is an award winning author of 12 books and numerous academic papers in Internet marketing, advertising, and .

You are an e-marketing and e-commerce consultant. Mary and Joe Johnson, the owners of Book Bunker, have hired you to help them improve their sales both online and in their store. Finally, an online bookstore will allow customers to post reviews about titles, which will aid Book Bunker since this feedback will affect the ratings of the title online, especially for rare titles, and will make for a unique interactive shopping experience that will attract other customers to the site.

Bookstores - hosts over of the finest online bookstores and booksellers worldwide, with more than 50 million books. Use our bookseller search feature to find a brick and mortar or online bookstore by name, country, state or province.

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Or, use our book search to search through thousands of book stores - all with one click. In my books, when discussing I then created E-business E-commerce Management and, with PR Smith, E-marketing Excellence, for professionals a couple of years later.

Then, much later, the names switched and in we renamed the Internet Marketing book to Digital Marketing with the others becoming Digital Business and Digital Marketing.

E-Marketing is the most comprehensive book on digital marketing, covering all the topics students need to understand to "think like a marketer".

The book connects digital marketing topics to the traditional marketing framework, making it easier for students to grasp the concepts and strategies involved in developing a digital marketing plan.

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