Hub and spoke system essay

Rear wheel of s Bootie Folding Cycle with Sturmey-Archer drum brake Disc brakes — a disc brake comprises a circular plate or disc attached to the hub which is squeezed between brake pads mounted within a caliper that is fixed to one side of the wheel forks. The brake disc can be attached in a variety of ways using bolts or a central locking ring. Drum brakes — a drum brake has two brake shoes that expand out into the inside of the hub shell. Rear-mounted drum brakes are often used on tandems to supplement the rear rim brake and give additional stopping power.

Hub and spoke system essay

Transportation networks were disorganized, and shipping, aviation, and transit companies were losing money. As technology has developed, the logistics sector has found faster and more cost-effective ways of shipping freight.

Hub and spoke system essay

To better understand the hub-and-spoke system, imagine an intricate bicycle wheel, with the hub as the strategic center of the network, and the spokes radiating out to connect it with remote points. The functionality of the hubs and spokes differ according to the industry.

PORT RICHMOND, Staten Island - Forgotten New York

In recent years, shipping companies have adopted the hub-and-spoke model to speed up deliveries and reduce costs. Using this model, transports collect cargo from its point of origin the tips of the spokes and transport it back to a central processing facility the hub. The shipment is then either warehoused or distributed directly from the heart of the network.

Larger-scale companies operate several hub-and-spoke systems. One advantage of the hub-and-spoke model it improved shipment tracking.

The Lost Spaceship

When packages are shipped directly from the source city, there are far too many routes connecting them to a vast network of other cities. Monitoring a shipment in such a complex system would be a logistical nightmare.

Furthermore, since there would need to be mass coordination between cities, companies would need to spend money on staffing and properly equipping each facility.

With the hub-and-spoke model, they only need to worry about one hotbed of shipping activity. In particular, private fleet companies use the hub-and-spoke model to employ a pool of non-dedicated drivers and trucks across a wider area.

The non-dedicated resources can be used in other ways until clients in that region request their services.

Revolutionizing Air Cargo After the U. In this case, the hub is the central airport that flights are routed through, and the spokes are the routes planes take to transport cargo.

Larger airlines have multiple hubs in their commercial network. Before the hub-and-spoke system became the norm, airlines had to fly between two small markets under the direct-route or point-to-point system. Smaller airports offered too many undesired destinations, which often resulted in planes flying half empty.

Shipping companies ended up losing money due to disorganized, multi-pronged routes from too many airports. The hub-and-spoke model simplified the aviation route network significantly.The title is a little misleading; I’m here to praise Port Richmond, not to eulogize it.

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