Health sector in ghana and investment

Get citation details Over the past decade, many OECD countries have introduced new policies to tackle excessive waiting times for elective surgery with some success.

Health sector in ghana and investment

Seeing the booming economy can definitely make you want to call the place home. Economic growth of For these reasons, Ghana has become increasingly attractive to foreign investors. Telecommunications Earlier this year the mobile penetration rate in Ghana surpassed percent.

This does not necessarily mean that every Ghanaian has a mobile phone. Accounting for multiple sim cards or ownership of multiple mobile phones, telecom insiders estimate that mobile phone ownership is just approaching 16 million. Opportunity for growing the voice market is hard to ignore. But tower managers and telecom investors alike will see the greatest growth in data services.

A booming oil and gas sector is pushing for better all-around service to support their growth while telecom companies continue to build infrastructure in order to improve quality and stability.

Health sector in ghana and investment

Installations should also increase network capacity in order to cope with upcoming traffic increases. The introduction of more competitive service bundles and specialized data products can definitely add to profit margins.

Financial Services The Banking Act in laid the foundation for change in the financial services industry.

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Since its passage, financial services in Ghana have improved tremendously. A thriving economy and growing incomes usually underline the potential of the financial sector. But Ghana has shown more promise than other countries in the region. Take Cameroon for example. It has a similar level of income, yet Ghana has more than double the number of ATMs per head of the adult population.

Benin, also with a similar level of income, only has one-third of the banks per head of adult population compared to Ghana.

Services in the country have improved. The recent integration of banking ATMs among nine banks in the country, including Standard Chartered Bank, Zenith Bank and Ecobank, allows customers to use their bank cards at ATMs serviced by banks different than the card provider.

Barclays created a buzz earlier this year with the announcement of deposit-taking ATMs in Ghana. The service will help to reduce the extremely long queues in banks. But these efforts are not enough. Big ideas and little capital is the story of most Ghanaian banks. Corporate banking and finance units are understaffed and inefficiently utilized.

International trade thrives without adequate trade financing.Information and communications technology (ICT) services are inadequate to meet the growing various needs of private sector businesses from SME to oil & gas.

A lack of investment in the above sectors has the potential to stymie Ghana’s economic growth. ghana college of physicians and surgeons 7. capital investment 8. health sector budget 9. Ghana generates electric power from hydropower, fossil-fuel (thermal energy), and renewable energy sources.

Electricity generation is one of the key factors in order to achieve the development of the Ghanaian national economy, with aggressive and rapid industrialisation; Ghana's national electric energy consumption was kilowatt hours per capita in The health industry comprises all firms directly involved in the production and promotion of health care.

These include all firms (both public and private) operating in the health market and are involved in the manufacturing of health products, provision of health care, health enhancing services and generation of knowledge in support of health. A closer look at some of sectors in Ghana that offer the best investment opportunities.

Ghana’s oil boom has proven to be a great additive to one of Africa’s . Investing in Ghana's Health Sector SECTOR OVERVIEW. The health industry comprises all firms directly involved in the production and promotion of health care.

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