Garments manufacturing business plan

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Garments manufacturing business plan

The industry is massive attracting both small scale manufacturers and large scale industries. Ready made garments are in high demand and account for billions of dollars worldwide. The need for decent cloths has created an industry to meet the insatiable demand.

The industry deals with high end technology, fabric knowledge and designers. Therefore manufacturers have to deal with the fast changing trends. If you are passionate about cloths, fashion designing and sewing then you might have the making of a garment manufacturer. Garment manufacturing is simply an up scaled version of a sewing and fashion designing establishment.

The garment manufacturer does the purchase, styling, cutting, sewing and marketing of finished product. The operational cost of starting a garment industry is high based on the specialized machinery, factory space and operational costs.

However there is hope for the small investor because you can establish a scaled down version. Other considerations before starting your garment industry are location, finance, branding and sourcing raw materials.

The industry consumes lots of electricity, highly proficient staff and government taxation. Some countries recognize the economic role garment industries play in the GDP.

They encourage local manufacturers through tax reduction and other subventions. You need a good business plan before setting-up your garment industry.

Another is creating cloths and marketing them to wholesale and retail companies. You need to decide to create on demand or create and sell. Some manufacturers combine the two sectors with good results. More things to consider are type of equipment, branding and designing.

Select a Good Product Category You need to have an idea of what products you want to produce. You need to create a niche and narrow down your options.

garments manufacturing business plan

There are basically three major categories to choose from and they have many sub categories. The categories narrowed down are garment knitting, woven garments and woolen garments.

Woven garments have casual wear while knit garments are generally T-shirts and casuals. In your business plan make note of the sector that best appeals to you. Now that you have selected a specific product category you can move forward with your plan.

How to Establish a Garment Manufacturing Business Garment manufacturing is highly regulated in most countries so you need to know what obtains.

The first and most important step is getting government approval and licensing for your business. To do this you need to do thorough research on product specifications, industrial requirements and cost considerations. You need to register your enterprise as a limited liability company then obtain operational license.

Legal formalities differ according to geographical location and country.

Business Plan for Garment Manufacturing Start-ups

The different licenses are trade license, local authority license, fire safety and compliance license and factory license among others. You might have to deal with environmental control agencies and even union issues. Use a seasoned corporate registration lawyer to ease the process.

Once you have narrowed the product category source the machinery needed for the operation. You need to have a detailed project report and assessment including cost considerations before investing your hard earned cash.

The garment industry apart from being regulated has lots of competition. Study what your competition is doing right or wrong. Write a feasibility study and look for ways to get finance.Sustainability Summary Interested in what we do in terms of sustainability? The Sustainability Report is where.

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Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a clothing line. Garment Manufacturing Business Plan – Publicity and Advertising Strategy.

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