Food security dissertations

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Food security dissertations

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Food Security, International Trade, Malaysia, Political Economy, Rice Policy, Self-sufficiency Abstract Despite the fact that the recent rice policy has been moving to a strategy of self-sufficiency while the status quo of the national rice economy remains ambiguous, Malaysia has made an extreme policy decision to pursue an autarky economy in its rice sector, thus closing borders from the international markets in the future.

The goal of this dissertation research is to comprehensively evaluate a deep-rooted rice policy in Malaysia and analyze the holistic impacts of the self-sufficiency and international trade policies at the national and farm-household levels, utilizing economic frameworks.

The protectionist policy measures using a Policy Analysis Matrix reveals that Malaysia is not a competitive rice producer since domestic production is unprofitable at the comparable world price level which leads to significant losses without providing subsidies and producer price support by the government.

Since a comparable world price is lower, Malaysia has no comparative advantage in rice production, hence the ongoing interventionist policy approach causes inefficient market outcomes as a result of policy distortions.

Food security dissertations

The analysis of spatial, partial equilibrium model indicates pursuing self-sufficiency would effectively punish consumers due to tremendous increase in prices, thus reducing demand for consumption.

The government suffers from the self-sufficiency due to substantial requirements on additional subsidies, land inputs, and technological inefficiency which leads to economic losses. With affordability is a key pillar of food security, self-sufficiency policy strategy does not guarantee food security, instead, free trade allows a more food secure economy.

These findings are supported by a farm-household model that shows free trade decreases poverty rates by allowing greater rice consumption.

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Rice farmers would benefit from self-sufficiency, yet losing from the international free trade, without subsidies. While political economy dominates policy outcomes relative to the goal of economic efficiency, this study provides key insights and empirical measures for non-distortionary policy options and future policy directions.Published: Wed, 17 May Information Technology is the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information by a microelectronics-based combination of computing and telecommunications.

Feb 10,  · Example food and nutrition dissertation topic 8: A Scandinavian diet for health: Can eating the traditional cuisine of Scandinavia improve the health of English males - a quantitative study. A wide body of literature already exists relating to the supposed benefits of adopting a Mediterranean diet.

Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to new measurement results and novel methods, techniques, and procedures for evaluating and characterizing food products and materials important to process innovation, product development, quality control, and safety assurance.

The Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences, in collaboration with health care facilities in the Houston metroplex and the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, offers two Dietetic Internship programs with graduate credit that lead to a master’s degree.

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According to Nature (), about 80% of the world's population ( billion in ) live in areas with threats to water security. The water security is a shared threat to human and nature and it is pandemic.

Human water-management strategies can be detrimental to wildlife, such as migrating fish.

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