Architectural thesis on library design

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Architectural thesis on library design

Monacelli Press, Tres Grande Biblotheque, Paris, France. Rem Koolhaas, Competition The Manifestation of Electronic Revolution in the library of 21th century The library is at a stage to readjust itself as the media to store the information has gone through and still undergoes an electronic revolution.

What the digital and telecommunication have done to our life style is revolutionary in term of shortcutting the distance. As information can be condensed, stored, and later transferred in the speed of electron in the form of binary code, the TIME-SPACE relationship is somewhat rendered in a mysterious color.

It will have a great impact on our behavior. Previously, library users have to go to the library to personally pick up the information. In the future, this pattern of flow can happen in a bi-directional way.

For example, if the monstrous spaces that previously required for storing the collective memory of our species are on the verge to be liberated and this will give birth to the opportunity to bring in other elements, such as an urbanistic experience Precedent: Jussieu Libraryto the architectural frameworks.

In the new century, the library will continue to gain its civic importance on the social ground. If the library was to be a labyrinth of knowledge, despite of it mystical attractiveness, it must contribute to a pleasant experience.

The first and second can be approached from studying of the behavioral aspects of the space. Robert Sommer had conducted an experiment in a university library to examine the personal space in a reading room.

The results proved that people have a very strong sense of territory and will repeal to any intruder in his personal space.

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Personal space is a by-product of cultural heritage and varies from different age group and status of people.

Understanding the personal space concept will improve the design of the reading room of different type of libraries, especially in term of choosing and orienting the furniture. A barrier free library that is accessible for everyone will certainly fuel the social interaction within the entity.

Symbolically, it is a melting pot that embraced all people. To me, that is what architecture can do - to include the unfortunate people. It is by no means to discuss what a civilized society is, however it should be noted that unfortunate people do exist in our society.

The movement within the architectural space becomes very importance. My thesis will deal with this aspect in great detail as to explore a universal circulation system, a ramping system perhaps, to connect all the floors.

Jussieu Libraryby Rem Koolhaas, which I included in my precedent page is a tantalizing example. Design for the Collections Library is a repository of collective knowledge and memory. Inherited from its nature of service, a library is also a building that grows parallel to its acquisition of new collections.

The concern of its expansion, as expressed by so many library consultants and directors refer to the books listed in biliographyis by far the determinant of the structure of the library. This structure will continue to exist as long as paperback publication is still the main stream.

One of the strategies to over come the need of extra spaces for the growth is to build larger than current needs, that is to say build for future growth. Another will be providing space for expansion in the future.

Architectural thesis on library design

The impact of the condensing storage space may reform the currently believed library structure, however planning for future growth will increase the flexibility in adapting future needs, whether in population or collection growth.

The Oriental Community Library Site Program Maneuver freely in the cluster of information "Today, the support and survival of public libraries are directly dependent on their ability to anticipate change and adapt to new service needs, new formats, and new technologies " Brawner, Lee B.

American Library Association, ix.

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Then Why an Oriental Community Library? I shall explain this in its context - Chinatown, Montreal.- The thesis faces the theme of an open international architectural competition entitled: "THE HEART OF THE METROPOLIS. HELSINKI CENTRAL LIBRARY OPEN INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURAL COMPETITION " organized by the City of Helsinki (Finland) in January as part of the event of Helsinki World Design Capital Read more.

Collect bibliography and do library research on your topic in order to focus your thinking toward a design question that can be Sample Outline for Master’s Design Thesis. Chapter 1 - Introduction. masters design thesis in architecture.

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The Architecture and Design Library sits in the heart of Te Aro. Its large physical and online collection serves the Architecture and Design Faculty. Architectural analysis: a methodology to understand and inform the design of spaces  Shahram, Shandiz () The following research is an explorative study on ‘architectural analysis’ as a means of thinking and designing architecture.

Architectural Design Thesis - 10 Semester Published: "Technological innovations and digitization of resources have changed the traditional forms of library systems. Thesis: Roanoke Public Library. Roanoke, VA | At this point, the city lacks a true architectural identity with a majority of the outspoken population favoring a imitative language of traditional roots.

Natural light is an important consideration in the design of this library.

Architectural thesis on library design

People typically enjoy the presence of natural.

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